Saturday, April 15, 2017



I have a lot of things to do
that are important to me
And I love doing all of them
even if they aren't earth shattering
Shopping with my daughter
Laughing with my son
Going to church with my husband
And I've just begun
Having lunch with my friends
Baking in the kitchen
Playing the piano
Even if I'm not Beethoven
Spending time with God
A Bible study with a friend
Making dreams come true
And many notes to pen
I have no time for drama
Or looking over my shoulder
I can't be responsible for someone else
A little peace is what I'm after

Peace sounds very sweet to me
It's a place that I love
Thank you for coming back again
I don't like it when you're gone

I don't mean any harm
And I always forgive
I don't hold any grudges
And try not to be offensive
I've never been perfect
And neither have you
But I always look for the best
I hope that you can too
I guess you have no idea
How easygoing I am
There was no reason for this commotion
I really don't like mayhem
I'm just a simple person
With nothing to hide
Just looking for some peace
And good people by my side
All this drama has worn me out
I hope this is the end
How 'bout we put this all behind us
And let's just be friends

Peace sounds very sweet to me.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Bottom Line

Life can get overwhelming
And many things are not in my control
It's easy to become frustrated
When actions of others take their toll
But God and I have an arrangement
That's just between the two of us
He is a wise and true best friend
And gives me His full attentiveness
I tell Him the good, the bad, and the ugly
He knows it anyway
He listens with no condemnation
While my heart I try to convey
If anyone else is listening in
They might not like what they hear
Because what I say to God in prayer
Is only for His ears
Just because I say it in prayer
Doesn't mean that it's true
God helps me to sort it out
And see things from a different view
When I've said all I have to say
And my laments I've defined
God in His faithfulness always shows up
And here's the bottom line-

My feelings quickly come and go
With every direction the wind blows
My mind rationalizes almost anything
It's unreliable and accommodating
I need a firm foundation
A holy collaboration
Needing God is my admission
And I listen for His direction
No matter what I feel or say
God shows me His way
With Him I will align
And that's the bottom line

I don't always get it right
I only see in part
My humanness is all too real
But God sees my heart
While others look at what I do
And judgment is around me
I know my shortfalls are washed away
And someone perfect is what God sees
My best is never good enough
No matter how hard I try
So when I mess up again and again
I look up to the sky
And say, "Thank You, Lord for everything.
Your grace has changed my life.
I know I've messed up once again
And caused more discord and strife.
Thanks to You I can keep on going
And this isn't the end.
It's another brand new day
And I get to try again."
I'm so glad to know
I can rest in God's grace
No matter what I think or feel
Jesus takes my place

With Him I will align
And that's the bottom line.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Truth Will Set You Free

 "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32

The Truth. It leads to salvation but it's so much more. John 16:13 says that the Spirit will guide us in all truth. Does that mean that I'll know every detail about every situation? Maybe some do, but I certainly don't. However, I think God helps me perceive the truth about situations even if I don't have the details.

Judgment seems to be everywhere now. I have never felt as much judgment as I've encountered recently. Of course I'm not without some fault but I do apologize when I'm wrong. Sometimes I apologize when I'm not wrong in order to keep peace and because I don't want to offend anyone. But lately I've been a little bewildered at some of the judgment, so I pray. At the end of time I think there will be some people who are surprised that I prayed for them. And I don't pray for God's wrath, I pray for God's best for them. I'm also thankful for those who have stood up for me although I feel bad that they were put in that position. I pray for God's best for them also, and I feel blessed to have people who look out for me.

Although it's been tough, this has been a time of healing and hope. Some people struggle with guilt but I've always been confident in the power of Jesus to wash guilt away. What I carried with me was hurt. All of the things that I was hit with last year brought back years of hurt. I had some stuffed so deep that I didn't even realize it was still there. I had to realize that Jesus paid the price for hurt as well as guilt when He was crucified, and then He rose again. He's alive! He doesn't just hear my prayers, He does something about them. It's rarely what I think should be done, but I know it's always for my good. My view is limited but God is unlimited and He always knows what's best. Yes, I'm free.

Here's my testimony.

I'm Free

A little girl listened to the radio and the tears started to flow
Because the price paid for her sin the song clearly showed
   Her mom thought something was wrong and quickly came to her side
   "What's wrong?" the mom said and the little girl replied,
   "I want to go to heaven. I don't want to be left behind."
Her mom opened the Bible to each step along the Romans road
Then they knelt at the side of the bed to pray and God's mercy was bestowed

I'm free.

I needed the truth
and God gave it to me
I received it
and it set me free
Yes, the truth set me free

Over the years God blessed the girl but fiery darts also were hurled
The enemy left bleeding wounds that hurt so much and tried to unfurl
   Those ruthless darts came from every direction with precision aim
   Leaving rejection and hurt, along with misunderstanding and pain
   They didn't discriminate but tried to give her the blame
The wounds were deep and left a lot of unsightly disrepair
They took their toll as much as they could but she still had a prayer

She learned to live with the bleeding wounds until she hardly knew they were there
Until circumstances hit her one by one and she became very aware
   This hurt has gone on long enough and now it's time to heal
   She put it out in the open and didn't try to conceal
   It was finally time to get very real
The process was slow and painful at best.
But the end result finally gave rest.

I'm free.

I needed the truth
and God gave it to me
I received it
and it set me free
Yes, the truth set me free

God took all the bad and He used it for good
Though what He was doing was not understood
   God's plans for her future are sure to be awesome
   Surrounded by loved ones and no more isolation
   Hope renewed and great adventures to come
The wounds are healed with scars in their place
A wonderful reminder of God's amazing grace

I'm free.

I needed the truth
and God gave it to me
I received it
and it set me free
Yes, the truth set me free

Monday, March 20, 2017

Mumble Jumble

This is a side of me that I don't usually let strangers see.  This is a one time event. (maybe)

Mumble Jumble

Mumble jumble in my head
Nothing seems to make sense
This and that dancing everywhere
And little bits of odds and ends

One fish
Two fish
Did Dr. Seuss do this?

Recklessly careening through my day
This world can be hard to navigate

A lot of names I've been called
Weirdo and freak some concur
But my favorite of them all
Is dork, that's what I prefer

I'm definitely a little nuts
But also known for being a klutz

Has anyone else broke their arm three times
from falling off their bike?
I had to do it again and again
until I finally got it right

I know my mind can think strange things
And I really love Charlie Brown
Sometimes two words just don't go together
But they work great when you're having a meltdown

"Good Grief!" is always fun
And "Yikes!" I also like to say
Is your head spinning out of control?
Then I think I'll call it a day.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hands Held High

Recently I was reading Exodus and when I came to chapter 17 I couldn't get past Moses having the help of Aaron and Hur to hold up his hands until Joshua and the Israelites defeated Amalek.

A three stranded cord.

I always need my friends, but last year I realized just how much they mean to me.  I had a lot of emotional things to deal with and I'm not highly emotional so it was tough for me.  They listened to me for hours, gave me some suggestions, and they prayed. They never judged or criticized. They stood beside me and helped me when I needed it.

Sometimes I'm like Moses and I need the help of my friends. But I also pray that I will be an Aaron or Hur and help someone else.

A three stranded cord.

"And though a man might prevail against him who is alone, two will withstand him. A threefold cord is not quickly broken."  Ecclesiastes 4:12 Amp.

Hands Held High

On their journey to the promised land
The Israelites were detained
When Amalek came to pick a fight
And victory he tried to attain

Moses raised his hands to God
As he stood up on a hill
While Joshua led Israel's army
Bringing their enemy to a standstill

Joshua fought as hard as he could
But the battle was out of his control
When Moses put his hands to his side
It really took a toll

Moses, please hold your hands high!

Hands held high meant victory for Israel
But Moses grew tired and Amalek prevailed
Israel needed God's protection
So Amalek would be curtailed

Aaron and Hur knew just what to do
And found a rock for Moses to sit
Then held his hands high for God to see
And for Israel to benefit

Amalek didn't stand a chance
The Israelites had won
A threefold cord is not quickly broken
Stick together until the war is done

Sometimes we get tired and weary
And it seems like God isn't near
Reach out to someone to help you out
And watch how quickly God appears

A three stranded cord with hands held high.