Friday, April 5, 2013

Easy Patchwork and Fleece Doll Blanket Tutorial

This cute doll blanket is a very quick and easy  sewing project that is great way to use up fabric scraps from other projects.

25  5" squares of various scrap fabric
23" square of fleece

Seam Allowance
I used approximately 1/2" seam allowances.  They were probably somewhere between 1/4" and 1/2" because I just lined up my sewing foot with the edge of the fabric.  For this project the size of the seam allowance is not as important as making sure that the same seam allowance is used for all the seams.

The Blanket Top

1.  Arranging Squares

The blanket top is made up of twenty five 5 inch squares.  I tried to arrange mine by varying lights and darks and also small patterns and large patterns. Arrange 5 rows of 5 squares until you're satisfied with how it looks.  Because this is from scrap, there are not a certain amount of pieces of each fabric.  Just use what you have!

2. Sewing Squares

With right sides together, sew together 5 strips of 5 squares.

Iron the seams so the strips lay flat, but iron each row in the opposite direction. This helps keep the corners lined up when sewing the strips together.  (On the picture below, the seams of this row are ironed to the left, but seams of the row that it's pinned to - not shown - are ironed to the right.  This way the seams are nestled together and create an accurate corner.)  With right sides together, sew the strips together.  Line up the seams and pin to keep the seams in place while sewing.

Iron all the seams

The blanket top is finished!

Sewing the Front to the Back

1. Lay the fleece out on a flat surface.  (I had a piece of scrap fleece that was big enough).  Lay the blanket top on the fleece and cut the fleece to the same size as the top.

2. With right sides together, sew the top to the bottom, leaving an opening on one side of about 6 inches for turning right side out.  I sew with the blanket top on top.

3. Cut the extra fabric from the corners.  Turn the blanket right side out through the opening.  If you don't have a tool for pushing the corners out, chopsticks are a great substitute!

4. Using a low temperature on the iron (so the fleece doesn't melt), iron along the seam so it lays flat.

Fold in the seam allowance in the opening and iron.

5.  Sew the opening closed very close to the edge of the blanket.

To Finish

Top stitch around the entire blanket to give it a finished look and to keep the seam in place.  The fleece likes to stretch so a few pins will help to keep the fleece in place.

Update:  I sold these at my last craft show and they were a hit!  Especially the ones made with fun little girl colors and fabrics.


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